A Guide to Writing Argumentative Essay

Topics Essay writing is an art as it reflects your emotional and sensitive approach towards a particular topic. It also depends on the topic you select. For example, writing argumentative essay topics require strong and convincing arguments on the given subject that you have chosen. Your personal thoughts and experiences must be the basis of your work. However, the most important point is that your arguments must be supported by factual reasons, proofs and evidences from the realistic information.

Hence, your essay should look like a debatable and interesting one. Keep these things in your mind in advance and add facts and statements, which will support your topic logically.

To make the process of writing an argumentative essay easy, take a practical example, say, for example, health issues the new age health problems such as obesity, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. You see yourself as the person who wants to make people aware of the health issues and point out the problems associated with the same. You will need to put forward your points in an argumentative, well-reasoned, and supportive manner with factual details. Search for information on the Internet, newspaper, and journals and make solid points about the topic before writing.
You don’t need to hesitate in starting a topic of your interest. You can do some research and find interesting points, data and supportive evidences. First, get acquainted with the topic of your interest and then choose one of those argumentative essay topics that best suits your needs.

Some of the practical argumentative essay tips are as follows:

  • Technology has brought comforts in our lives. Computer specifically has substituted human workers in many corporations. Do you think we should be more dependent on electronic devices?
  • Domestic violence is one of the biggest problems these days. Do we need to take strict steps to tackle with the same?
  • Should gay marriages be legalized?
    Women all around the world are suffering from breast cancer.
  • However, most women remain unaware of the problem until it becomes fatal. What health awareness program would be beneficial?

Look out for some global issues. Search topics such as global warming, conflicts in countries, terrorism issues  gather information on these subjects and write an argumentative essay.

There are numberless topics one can choose. However, argumentative essay writing has got two sides: one is proposition and the other is opposition. For example, if you want to persuade the opposition, you will have to take into account the beliefs of the other sides of the topic in discussion, explain and support the proposition but make some argumentative points so that the opposition might raise for the same.

Your argumentative essay must have a conclusion paragraph because readers most likely remember the conclusive part. In order to make your conclusion more effective repeat and restate your topic in discussion and make sure that your conclusion is the strongest, as it is the most dynamic part of an essay. Do not introduce new topic in the last paragraph, just write the gist of the whole essay.